2021 march 8

Private guided tours in Romania

If you are looking for details in Romania, you found the right page then

We offer private tours (guide with auto) for all cities in Romania: meeting point can be in any city from Romania, usually one does Bucharest, because this posses the only international aeroport "Henry Coanda" and also the capital of Romania.


tour 1:

1)Visit main sightseeings in Bucharest: House of the Free Press,The Arch of Triumph,Victory Avenue,Cantacuzino Palace,The Royal Palace,Old Town Bucharest,Manuc's Inn,Parliament Palace (The Palace of Parliament it is the world's second-largest office building (floor area) and the third largest in volume (after Cape Canaveral Space Centre in the U.S. and the Great Pyramid in Egypt)

The crystal chandelier in the Human Rights Hall (Sala Drepturilor Omului) weighs 2.5 tons.

Some of the chandeliers have as many as 7,000 light bulbs.

1)Visit main sightseeings in Brasov: The Council Square,The Old Town Hall,The Black Church,Brasov's Defensive Fortifications(Of the original seven bastions, only a few have survived, including the newly renovated Graft Bastion, located in the middle of the citadel's northwest wing. On the west side of the wall, walk along picturesque Dupa Ziduri Street (Dupa Ziduri means Behind the Walls) to catch a glimpse of the 15th century White and Black Towers. The Blacksmiths' Bastion, one of the original seven built and guarded by the city's guilds, is located at the southern end of Dupa Ziduri Street. Follow the city wall southeast to the fairy-tale Catherine's Gate. Built in 1559 and once the main entrance to medieval Kronstadt, it is the only original city gate to have survived the test of time. Nearby is the classicist Schei Gate, built in 1827. The Weavers' Bastion can be admired on George Cosbuc Street),Brasov Fortress ,Weavers' Bastion,Tampa Mountain

tour 2

Nature trips around Romania: a country with a varied relief, mountains,hills,danube,see; tours are made with auto!

We love literature & wish our politicians love that also; their answers are far from subtle, as well as their thefts; though the biggest problem today in Romania is the LACK of forests; they were distroyed systematically since 1989; the natives do not seem to observ it or to take an attitude; how could they take any when they are practically worse then the slaves from roman empire when they go to work...I invite you to make a tv story to be show on your foreign chanells about hidden corruption and mentality of this forgotten God land.